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Andy Creeggan

Composer, keyboard player

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Andy Creeggan had it all but he wanted more. As a founding member of Barenaked Ladies, Creeggan saw the group rise from obscurity to top of the charts, but, it wasn't for him. "I wanted space for my music, my personality," he says. "I was always very interested in instrumental music and I wanted to take advantage of having been accepted at the Faculty of Music at McGill University in Montreal and really pursue theory and composition."

Along with his brother Jim Creeggan (Barenaked Ladies bass player), composer and keyboardist Andy was brought up in a musical household in which their mother taught piano and their father played by ear. The two brothers also perform and record as The Brothers Creeggan, releasing four albums thus far and touring in between Barenaked Ladies albums.

Andy recently released his third solo album, Andiwork III, an all-instrumental album full of funky grooves that's the perfect soundtrack for a martini party in a swanky bachelor pad. Just the right CD for DJs looking for breaks and anyone needing some background grooves for a late-night adventure. A new twist to lounge music.

"Lately I've been hanging around with sporty people," says Creeggan. "They like to party and play their funky music loud. I think I was influenced by this. At the same time I've been checking out a lot of electro music too, especially from Quebec, like DJ Champion and Ariane Moffatt, Misteur Valaire and the like... and I finally had all my instruments amassed in a space right behind my house."

Besides recording Andiwork III, Creeggan's been very busy over the past few years. He's composed a harp duet for Jennifer Swartz (Montreal Symphony Orchestra) and Lori Gemmell (Kitchener Waterloo Symphony); written the orchestrations for Barenaked Ladies appearances with symphony orchestras (Toronto Symphony, Boston Pops); produced Mike Evin's album I'll Bring the Stereo and three other albums, for Stéphane Morin, Isaac Neto, and Le Courage d'Aimer, a musical about the life of Quebec nun Dina Bélanger; has played percussion, keyboards, sung or arranged songs on various albums, including Barenaked Ladies' Snacktime, Mike Evin's Good Watermelon and Do You Feel the World, and Jake and the Leprechauns' A Long Dash; and composed music for the Quebec Ultimate Frisbee highlight DVD in 2008.

He's currently planning the next Brothers Creeggan album, as well as another solo outing. Creeggan recently moved to Moncton, NB, after a few years living in Sherbrooke, QC, where Andiwork III was recorded.

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January 21 - Moncton, Cafe Aberdeen, w. Mike Evin



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