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Amélie Larocque

Songwriter, guitarist

Song – "Papa"
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Amélie Larocque pulls songs out of thin air. Sitting at the piano, the charismatic 23-year-old singer-songwriter effortlessly lines up the notes that will flow into her next opus. She waits for the lyrics to follow naturally while making sure that everything she writes down has the ring of truth. But she also likes to spice up her catchy tunes with mean electric guitar riffs and unusual vocal accompaniments. She then delivers the finished product with self-assured intensity, welcoming her audience into a musical world where the most delicate topics can be approached with just the right measures of hope and simplicity.

Larocque got her first taste of musical stardom while performing on her grandparents’ kitchen table, and never looked back. A seasoned performer by the age of four, she followed her instinct all along and ended up entering the Drummondville CEGEP, where she was able to develop her art and her voice. Her teachers pulled her out of school and got her hired for a variety of performing dates. She qualified for the 2006 Découvertes de la Chanson de Magog competition, where she was the winner in the Performance category.

Back in Drummondvile, she met with some musicians with whom she created the Old Fashion Morphine blues band, whose swinging groove was a hit at the 2007 Tremblant International Blues Festival. Old Fashion Morphine’s unbridled blues style was the perfect vehicle for the young singer, who could freely express the wilder rhythmic and rock side of her vocal performances. She soon began writing songs that were sometimes moving, sometimes provocative, but always real, treating the stage as her studio and often creating new vocal accompaniments, percussive parts or melodies in front of rapt audiences.

Now an accomplished artist, Larocque competed as a singer-songwriter in a variety of contests and festivals, including the 2008 Granby International Song Festival and the 2009 ChantEauFête de Charlevoix festival, where she won an award that came with a spot at the Festival Pully-Lavaux in Switzerland and an opportunity to impress the local media and music critics on the other side of the Atlantic. Larocque’s self-titled debut album was released in 2010.

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Amélie Larocque (2010)

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