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Ross J Hardy

Ross J Hardy, the Toronto-based owner and CEO of hard, has extensive experience in the global Production Music Industry.

As a composer, Ross has produced over 3000 tracks for multiple Publishers representing 60 territories. His works have been licensed to thousands of TV and Film productions all over the world. Raised in Northern Ontario, Ross has a natural blue-collar approach to his work.

In 2008, after 15 years composing, Ross transferred his energy toward the organizational side of music, working with the Licensing team at SOCAN. A true believer of the protection of intellectual property, Ross put his convictions into action, spending his days and nights - many times in disguise - hunting unlicensed music users in Toronto, from dodgy nightclub owners to large venue promoters. While fighting for SOCAN members' rights, Ross was responsible for bringing in significant revenues that would otherwise been unaccounted for.

As a leader in his industry, in 2009 Ross was contracted by Canadian major independent, ole Media Management, to direct and build their Production Music business portfolio. Heading new digital technologies, web development, acquiring major companies and catalogs, overseeing sales in Los Angeles and Toronto and establishing sub-publishing and sales agreements to over 30 countries, Ross helped to build ole’s PM property from inception to a powerful mid-level player in the PM Industry.

After ole, Ross returned to his roots to create his new company, hard Music Design ( As the co-owner of hard, Ross and hard’s President, renowned Canadian Composer Craig McConnell, have Produced 1500 tracks and signed 24 top-level Canadian composers in the past year. hard is also a leader in musical asset management, metadata building and houses a successful Marketing division. Increasing the market space for hard, Ross has established several representation agreements to all major territories for the hard catalog.

Q:  What issues will be important to SOCAN members in the next three years?
RJH: The primary issues challenging SOCAN in the next three years all lead back to our domestic and foreign Digital Strategy.

SOCAN will need to increase the quality of its current web-systems to include a robust metadata ingestion machine and a top level, User Interface. SOCAN will also need to support members with metadata standards to increase the quality of SOCAN’s data input.

Forging new relationships with top digital companies providing services for accurate reporting and automated cue sheeting will be a priority. Companies such as Soundmouse, AdRev, Tunesat are leaders in this sector.

Increasing the strength of our international music works management systems are a key challenge at SOCAN. Bringing Music Mark from betaand into real-world application is a major step forward for our relations with BMI and ASCAP.

Other issues challenging SOCAN include the recent restructuring of SOCAN’s Membership Department, with a new mandate to offer added value through an A&R styled service, aiming to result in a proactive approach to networking and building new business for SOCAN members. To remain balanced, collecting and administering should remain SOCAN’s highest priority and should remain their core competency. I believe that the SOCAN Board should insure this balance.

Q:What contribution can you make to the SOCAN board of directors?
RJH: As a staunch advocate for copyright protection, I have literally put myself at real personal and physical risk, fighting for our rights as creators and owners of music, [see bio]. My tenure at SOCAN in Business Development and Licensing gave me real working insight and experience with all departments: membership, licensing, distribution, IT and legal. I feel that this insight gives me a broad yet unique perspective on how our PRO functions.

My extensive experience and my relationships with leading companies in the digital sphere, combined with my place as an executive leader in the Production Music sector and thorough understanding of the business of music, will make me a solid and viable board member at SOCAN.

Although I have served annually on the Board for a Charity in the past, my position on the Board at SOCAN would be my first. I will offer passion, professionalism, a fresh voice and a steady conviction for getting things done.

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