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Streaming Services

Original songs and compositions are the engines that drive online music streaming: it simply wouldn’t exist without those who created the music on which their business depends. When you get Licensed To Play by SOCAN, not only are you compensating the songwriters and composers heard through your service, you’re also making sure that the music used to build your business is being used legally and ethically. The license fees streaming services pay to SOCAN for the public performance of music compensate  songwriters, composers and music publishers that make up SOCAN.

Why does SOCAN pay internet royalties only for works that receive 500 or more performances?


Due to the vast number of performances processed and the distributable amounts of money, the value of a singular internet performance is estimated to be a fraction of a penny. Through thorough analysis of the available usage data and estimated pool amounts, SOCAN is able to derive that 500 performances would result in an earnings amount that is distributable. Therefore, performances are summarized so that 100 actual performances will be represented by one performance on statements, and we have set a minimum threshold of five summarized performances (representing 500 actual performances) for a payment to occur.

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara

Propelled by the conviction of re-invention, in their celebrated 20-year career Tegan and Sara have gone from indie darlings to full-blown pop stars, balancing critical acclaim with mainstream ambition. They've performed alongside both Neil Young and Taylor Swift, and played both Coachella and The Academy Awards. The twin sister SOCAN members have sold more than a million albums, received seven gold sales certifications and one double-platinum, earned three JUNO Awards, two Polaris Prize nominations, and one Grammy nomination. These beloved SOCAN members have given their devoted audience the gift of a front-row seat to their lifelong process of evolution.