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Live Music Venues


Live music venues offer music fans a space to enjoy unique, real-time musical performances – concert experiences only made possible by songwriters and composers who create the music that those musicians perform. When you become Licensed To Play with SOCAN, you have the freedom to engage all the live music your business needs to be successful, while ensuring that the artists you hire to perform are compensated for their work as songwriters as well. Your license to play music demonstrates to artists, songwriters, music fans and peer businesses that your venue is using music legally and ethically, while supporting Canadian music creators. The license fees that live venues pay to SOCAN for the public performance of live music are used to compensate SOCAN-member songwriters, composers and music publishers that make up SOCAN.


Why do I need a SOCAN music license?


A SOCAN license grants your business permission to use music in a specific way, and it’s quite straightforward to work with SOCAN to obtain the right license to play music. When a business uses music, it’s adding value by using the work of music creators and publishers. Those who composed, wrote, and published the song are entitled to be compensated for the time, effort, and money they put into the creation and promotion of that work when that music is played in public. In accordance with Canada’s Copyright Act, any public performance of copyright-protected musical works requires a license. When a song is played in public, music creators (not just the performers) are entitled to be compensated – it supports their livelihood. Without SOCAN, you would have to get permission from every composer, songwriter, and publisher of every musical work you intend to use in your business –a feat that most of us have neither the time nor the means to achieve. This permission isn’t granted when you buy a recording, whether through a CD, downloading, etc., which only allows you to privately use the purchased music. SOCAN simplifies this complex process for businesses through licenses. A SOCAN license grants your business permission to use music in a specific way, and it’s easy to work with SOCAN to obtain the right license to play music.

Michel Corriveau

Michel Corriveau

Winner of the first-ever Screen Composer of the Year Award at the 2017 SOCAN Gala in Montréal, SOCAN member Michel Corriveau is an impressively artistic music creator. Corriveau creates sonic atmospheres using both sounds and instruments, juggling emotions, and combining tradition and high tech. Dozens of Québec productions have been graced with his compositions, including Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2007), Ésimésac (2013), Les Pays d’en haut (SRC), Mensonges (TVA) and Prémonitions (AddikTV), as well as the series from France, Versailles (Canal+). He’s also composed music for the feature film Anna, which was saluted at the Gala Québec Cinéma, the Prix Écrans canadiens, and rewarded at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.