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Event Producers

As a concert promoter, booker or event producer arranging for live music to be played in whatever venue you may rent or own to house your event, you need to obtain the necessary license from SOCAN to be able to play that music legally and ethically. Anything from an outdoor music festival, to a club or bar performance requires a SOCAN license to ensure that those who wrote and published the music are compensated for their work. As the promoter, booker or producer of a live music event, becoming Licensed To Play with SOCAN ensures that you’re doing the right thing and getting music creators paid when their music is performed at your event.


My songs have been performed internationally – what do I need to do?


First, make sure you’ve registered your songs with SOCAN. If they’ve been registered, then find out how (radio, TV, commercial, etc.), when (first air date), and where (country of performance) they’ve been publicly performed. You can refer to the Simplified Distribution Rules and scroll down to page 11 to see a chart of how, and on what kind of performances, the Top 12 international PROs pay. If your type of performance appears to be payable in the applicable territory, or if your type of performance and/or territory isn’t listed, please follow the instructions below on what to tell SOCAN. You can also learn more about international royalties by reviewing the SOCAN Around the World document, which can be found in our Creators’ Toolbox.



From 2014 to 2016, Nineteen85 (a.k.a. Paul Jefferies) was one of the most successful producers on the planet. In those two years, he earned four SOCAN Awards for his co-writes with Drake, which he also co-produced. The SOCAN member helped create many of Drake’s phenomenal global smash hits, including “Hotline Bling,” “One Dance,” “Hold On, We're Going Home,” “Too Good” (by Drake, featuring Rihanna), and “Truffle Butter” (by Nicki Minaj, featuring Drake and Lil Wayne). He also founded the R&B duo DVSN with singer Daniel Daley. Nineteen85 has been nominated for three Grammys, and co-wrote/co-produced “Get it Together” and “Madiba Riddim” for Drake's 2017 playlist More Life.