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Silence isn’t golden, it’s awkward. Imagine a bar or restaurant without music; you’re left with the aggravating sounds of clinking tableware, clanking pots and pans, and dishes being swept into bins by wait staff. What about a retail store without music? Boring at best. It’s a fact: Music helps business succeed. It creates an overall positive customer experience, with the potential to keep customers in the store longer so that they can spend more, eat more, and drink more. The money paid to play that music, through SOCAN licenses, is used to compensate music creators, whose music is used to make your business better and more successful. Join SOCAN to start using music in your business, legally and ethically, and support songwriters, composers and music publishers that create and nurture it.


My songs have been performed internationally – what do I need to do?


First, make sure you’ve registered your songs with SOCAN. If they’ve been registered, then find out how (radio, TV, commercial, etc.), when (first air date), and where (country of performance) they’ve been publicly performed. You can refer to the Simplified Distribution Rules and scroll down to page 11 to see a chart of how, and on what kind of performances, the Top 12 international PROs pay. If your type of performance appears to be payable in the applicable territory, or if your type of performance and/or territory isn’t listed, please follow the instructions below on what to tell SOCAN. You can also learn more about international royalties by reviewing the SOCAN Around the World document, which can be found in our Creators’ Toolbox.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” was a pop-culture phenomenon: it reached No. 1 on the iTunes singles charts in 47 countries, sold more than 17 million singles worldwide, and earned two Grammy Award nominations, including Song of the Year. With her ‘80s-inspired, critically-acclaimed E*MO*TION album, SOCAN member Jepsen brought new depth and dimension to her catchy, passionate pop music. Much celebrated, Jepsen has earned three JUNO Awards, a Billboard Music Award, and an Emmy Award nomination, and she was short-listed for the 2016 Polaris Music Prize. She’s now sold more than 20 million records worldwide.