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What SOCAN Does

Rights Management

SOCAN administers and protects the performing and reproduction rights of more than 150,000 songwriters, music publishers, composers, and visual artists. We offer an integrated approach to rights management and compelling solutions for our rights holders’ reproduction and performing rights.


A SOCAN licence gives you the freedom and flexibility to use virtually any music you want for your business or public event – legally, ethically, and easily. Without SOCAN, you would have to get permission and negotiate a royalty with every songwriter, lyricist, and music publisher whose work you intend to play (publicly perform) – a feat that most of us have neither the time nor the means to achieve.



The A&R function has usually been associated with record labels, but with our large base of more than 150,000 members – including music publishers, who are especially adept at fostering collaboration – SOCAN realized that creating an A&R strategy would result in greater value for them.


SOCAN fights for the legal, fair and ethical use of our members' music, and advocates for all of our members, whether songwriters, lyricists, concert music composers, film scorers, music publishers, or other types of music creators. SOCAN lobbies the federal government to ensure the most favourable possible conditions for our members, and especially to advocate for fair compensation for the use of their work.

SOCAN Awards

The SOCAN Awards is an annual event, held in both Toronto and Montréal, which celebrates the songwriting, composing and music publishing achievements of our Anglophone and Francophone members alike.

SOCAN Songwriting Prize

Since it was founded in 2006, the annual SOCAN Songwriting Prize has honoured the best music created by emerging Canadian songwriters. Each year, two independent panels of Canadian music scene experts – completely unaffiliated with SOCAN – nominate songs that they believe represent the most creative and artistic work by emerging songwriters in Canada over the past year.