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AFBS Health Insurance for SOCAN Members

AFBS Health Insurance for SOCAN members (Insurance Advantage)

The Arts & Entertainment Plan® provides health insurance benefits for SOCAN members who would otherwise be without this important safety net.

SOCAN members now have access to this health insurance solution, consisting of:

  • extended health care;
  • dental care;
  • prescription drug coverage;
  • life and accidental death & dismemberment insurance; and
  • travel emergency medical coverage.

It is offered nationally, on a voluntary basis, and the plan’s coverage can extend to your family as well. It was created for, and designed by, the artistic community.

The Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS), the underwriter of the plan, is a not-for-profit insurer exclusive to the arts. They offer a comprehensive plan with excellent cost and coverage.


  • is a not-for-profit insurer;
  • is exclusive to the artistic community;
  • has been serving the community for over 35 years;
  • is member-owned and governed; and
  • is federally incorporated, fully solvent and OFSI regulated.

We are very pleased to be offering The Arts & Entertainment Plan® to all members of SOCAN, so that they now have the opportunity to access a benefits program that is straightforward, affordable and sustainable.

Visit the plan website or e-mail the plan for details. If you would like to speak to someone about the plan, call 1-800-387-8897, Ext 238.